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How Do I Start Curbside Recycling?

Recycling in Buena Vista is more convenient than ever. With curbside recycling (really, alleyway recycling), you just set your recyclables out with your regular trash pick-up. Once per week, your recycling will be picked up, just like your trash. Here is how to start recycling.

#1. A Blue Tote Has Been Provided

**The City of Buena Vista provides every household with an 18 gallon blue tote free of charge. Use the tote to collect recycling throughout the week and place the tote outside to dispose of your recycling the night before your regular trash pick-up. If you move, please be sure to return your blue tote.

If you did not receive a blue tote, please call 261-1444

If you need a bigger tote.  You can use a regular trash can (no larger than 32 gallons) and make it a recycle bin by requesting a “Designated Bin Sticker.” Simply call 261-1444 and provide your name and address or stop by the Buena Vista Treasurers Office at 2039 Sycamore Avenue. 


#2. Put Only Recyclables in Your Tote
Your blue tote should only be used to collect recyclable materials (newspapers, plastics, cans, glass, and more) throughout the week. Curious about what all can be recycled? Simply, paper , tin, aluminum, glass bottles, glass jars, and plastic products can be placed in your tote. Click here for more.  Just remember to put your loose paper in a bag to keep it from blowing out. Please do not use your blue tote for garbage.

#3. Take Your Tote Out with the Garbage.
Your recycling will be picked up on the same day as your trash! Be sure to put your blue tote out the night before to ensure pick-up. You place the blue tote next to where you would normally place your garbage. Be sure to place the heaviest items on top in case of wind. After your bin is empty, just take it back inside for the next week. 

What Cannot Be Recycled?  

Styrofoam is Not an Accepted Recyclable
Dog Food Bags With an Interior Plastic Coating Cannot Be Recycled
Waxed Items or Items with a Plastic Coating Cannot Be Recycled
Remove Tin From Any Cardboard Container


What If I Have a Question?
For questions about what may be recycled or pick-up, please call Hamilton Contracting at 261-9494.

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